This is a relatively new portfolio under GCI that aims to integrate environmental sustainability topics in various degrees offered at UCT, for all the faculties. This is important, as university students need to be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle real-world problems (this is also part of UCT’s vision) and given that climate change is a global and urgent problem, it is important that students are made aware of this.

GCI hosts a number of awareness-raising events throughout the year, covering a range of sustainability topics; however, it is often those that are already aware of the importance of these that attend. GCI needs to improve its reach and provide more meaningful ways of addressing climate change and improving environmental sustainability – on campus and beyond. This portfolio aims to fill this gap – by introducing these topics through the students’ coursework, there is room to create a better impact.

The coordinator for this project will work closely with the ACDI and their Educational Program coordinators, as they are experts in this area. GCI will help coordinate students and understand their needs, especially to identify gaps in their courses and degrees, where environmental sustainability can be incorporated. GCI aims to hold dialogue sessions with each faculty and its students in 2018. Workshops will be held with staff that have incorporated sustainability topics, with those that want to do the same for their courses. GCI together with ACDI hopes to equip and empower more staff to incorporate greater sustainability in education.

If any students wish to help with coordinating or facilitating the above sessions, or any ideas for this project please get in touch with the GCI coordinator. If any staff want to explore if or how sustainability can be incorporated into their course, please don’t hesitate to also contact us.



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