This project promotes carpooling to and from campus. Often times people travel alone, even though they are travelling in the same direction or to the same location. UCT uses a carpooling platform called Findalift that helps users connect with those that are living near by or going to the same destination. This site was specifically developed for UCT students and works better with the more people that sign up and log trips. As most people are well aware the parking situation on campus can be vexing (to say the least!) and we hope that the more people carpool, the easier it will be to find parking on campus. For now we have designated parking lot 4 specifically for carpoolers. At least 3 student cards are needed to open the boom gate and enter the parking lot. Sometime the gate is not functioning correctly, so we request users to log a complaint with UCT’s traffic department. If carpooling becomes more popular, GCI will request for more carpooling parking lots. So if you have your own car, consider carpooling the next time – it will help your wallet and you can help protect the environment!

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