Published on 04/21,2008

In this blog I will focuss on Martin luther king's history in America and the powerful speech which is well known all over the world   called "I HAVE A DREAM"

Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta on 15 January 1929 and die on 4 April 1968. Ufter attending Morehouse in Atlanta ,King went on study at Crozer theological Seminary in Pennysylvania and Boston University ,where he deepeeed his  understanding of the theological scholarship and explored Mahatma Ganhi's nonviolent strategy for social change ,that when he started to spread the words of nonviolent and unity of people from all races.On the 5 December 1955,ufter civil right activist Rosa Park comply with Mongomery's segregation policy on buses' black residend launched a bus boycottand elected King president of the newly forrmed Mongomery improvement association. The boycott continue throughout 1956 and Martin Luther King gain national prominence for his role in the  campaign.In spring 1963,King and SCLC lead mass demonstration in Birmingham,Alabama,where local white police official were known for their violent opposition to integration.Clashes between unarmed black demonstrators and police armed with dogs and fire hoses generated newspaper headlines throughuot the world .President Kennedy responded to the Birminghma protests by submitting broad civil right legislation to congress,which led to the passage of the civil right Act of 1964.Subsequent mass demonstrate culminated in the March on Washington for jobs and freedom on 28 August 1963 in which more than 250,000 protesters gather in Washington,D.C. IT WAS ON THE STEPS OF THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL THAT KING DELIVERED HIS FAMOUS "I HAVE A DREAM"SPEECH.On his speech he mentioned all of his dreams and sound positive about everything he said.Kings renown to grow he become the time magazine's man of the year in 1963and the recepient of the nobel peace prize in 1964,along with the fame and accolades came conflict within the movement'sleadership.Malcom X's message pf self defence and black nationalism resoneted with Nothern,urban blacks more effectively than King's call for nonviolent ;King also faced "Black power" proponent ,Stokely Carmichael.In late 1967, King initiated Poor people's campaigns designed to confront economic problems tha had not been adressed by earlier civil right reforms.The following year, while supporting the striking%

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