Published on 08/28,2008

IS THE STRUGGLE OVER? I have joined the programme named SHAWCO. This programme helps in teaching learners from disadvantaged townships like Khayelitsa and Gugulethu. I teach grade 11 geography and we travel every Thursday to Khayelitsha.We use a shawco bus to travel from UCT to Khayelitsha. The first day I went there I came back in shock…..that when I started asking my self if is the struggle over...? The place is covered with shacks   mostly made of sheet and metals . Part of Khayelitsha doesn’t have electricity…However Khayelistha  is today reputed to be the third largest township in South Africa after the township Soweto in Gauteng and Mdantsane near East London. What confuses the most is that the ANC which came into power on 1994 when black people were voting for the new democratic president claim that living conditions in township have improved markedly…which is not true as our fellow South Africans remain suffering in Townships...What shock the most is that during the apartheid era this townships played a critical role but now that it over they left out and ignored …The only people who are noticed are those who are in high positions like Nelson Mandela  ,Thabo Mbeki and others leaders as if they were the only ones who were fighting for Freedom look at the history of Khayelitsha  further more the history of Soweto  as well as Gugulethu  All of these townships played role in the apartheid ere but the question is …..IS THE STRUGGLE OVER….? If our black brothers and sisters are still struggling with poverty, Job opportunities, shelter, financial problems ,ignorance and living in shacks that they were struggling to be from the apartheid are…..No I don’t think  the struggle is over but I think the struggle has just started the difference is that it no longer racial struggle but we facing a huge social struggle……The  youth was fighting for democracy  in Soweto June 1976 but now it fighting against HIV which has already kill millions of people especially youth…..another problem being abuse  example rape act…….South Africans should not keep quiet while things are not right it about time we stop thinking about democracy  a set of  constitutional right which claim that everyone have a right to housing while not providing houses……..which is not helpful and start thinking about the struggle that we facing nowadays………….

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