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the good about the bad

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Some of us have grown in households were we were only allowed to watch one hour of television and this one hour was probably full of programs that were deemed suitable for our age, mind stimulating that is. Had desperate housewives, http://www.tv.com/desperate-housewives/show/24641/summary.html, started when we on an average of eleven years it would not have been part of this hour. The reason why we would not have been allowed to watch such programmes is because we would have been exposed to American pop culture, http://www.wsu.edu/~amerstu/pop/, propagated by the media that has been deemed as being bad in the society that I grew up in. I think this was a way of parents not having to explain to their eleven year old children a culture they did not understand. This diversity that we come across actually stimulates our minds, the actually situation may not be similar but the theory trying to be portrayed may actually be used to explain our own circumstances.

 With globalisation, there seems to be less and less of a particular problem being restricted to a certain society. Culture seems to be evolving and what was usually associated with being weird, bad and taboo being described as individuality and a fashion trend. For example wearing black throughout was seen as gothic and evil but now black is the new in colour and make up on men; let’s just say some men wear make up better than other women. Homosexuality and abortion are one of the two things that we grew being told is bad, some of us still believe these practices are very evil but in south Africa, one has to tolerate it. No matter “what team you want to bet for” you are still considered as a human with rights. No one can impose their views on you so one is free to be homosexual or bisexual. No matter how many chants of down with abortion, it’s still very legal and will stay that way for a long time to come. It will cont

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  1. sprsim004 - simon :

    28/08/2008, at 15:19 [ Reply ]

    there will continue to evolve new idea and norms. many of these will stand in direct contradiction with the existing ideologies present in society.
    people are offended by practices which according to their own beliefs are immoral, rightly, it is their right to be offended to freely voice their objections should they wish to.
    we dont however have the right NOT to be offended. any free society can exist only if -

    IN a free society, a person is free to hold any belief and act in whatever manner which is pleasing and fit to them, so long as their actions do not harm or infringe on freedoms of others.