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Target Market - The 'Unthinkers'

Alix Jane Staniland | 28 August, 2008 20:14

Occasionally we are presented with statistics that are supposed to persuade us how wonderful a product is, and thus have an urge to buy it – anti-aging creams, cleaning products or painkillers. The one that I find specifically annoying is the new Outsurance billboard ad – “1 in 2 who call us get a better deal”.


Do we ever stop and think about what we’re reading? 1 in 2 get a better deal means that 1 in 2 don’t get a better deal. Why should we be swayed to call if there is just as much a chance to get a better deal than to not? We have a 50 % chance of either one.


What’s more is that the 50% that didn’t get a better deal have an even better deal somewhere else, so surely all the ad is telling us to do is look around at different insurance companies to find the ones that the other 50% found.


Not only is this statistic on huge billboards, but it’s in their television adverts and on the top of the home page on their website


This makes me think that not only are these companies not thinking about everything their statistics are saying, but that it doesn’t say much about us as the consumers. It expects us not to think about it either. It expects us to assume that as soon as a big company like Outsurance puts up a statistic on a huge billboard it must mean something great, and don’t bother to question it at all.


The target market for these adverts are the unthinkers. Do you want to be part of this audience? I think we all need to stop assuming that as soon as someone ‘higher’ than us tell us to believe something that it is automatically right. We need to start thinking and analysing things for ourselves – we need to stop being part of the target market of the ‘unthinkers’.


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