From: Project on Defense Alternatives [U.S.]

1. How much has terrorism increased since the "war on terrorism" began? Short article available for download or posting to blogs and websites:

"The wages of war: Global terrorism up since 9/11 attacks," by Carl Conetta, Project on Defense Alternatives,7 September 2006

MS Word:

2. Full report:

"Pyrrhus on the Potomac: How America's post-9/11 wars have undermined US national security," PDA Briefing Report #18, 05 September 2006. [First section offers 400 word summary of argument]

3. Compendium of nine short articles assessing post-9/11 US security policy and offering alternatives: terrorism, Iraq war, budgetary aspects, military transformation, nuclear policy. Also critiques mainstream
Democratic "alternative":

"Are We Safer? Five Years After the September 11th Attacks." By the Security Policy Working Group.

4. More to come: In the next few days the Project on Defense Alternatives will post additional overview articles assessing post-9/11 US security policy. Check back at

Look at top for:
* "Fighting on borrowed time: How current policy is depleting America’s armed forces"
* "Fanning the flames: The effect of America's post-9/11 wars on world opinion"