Pakistan: Council on Foreign Relations resources

This site is maintained by the [U.S.] Council on Foreign Relations. It provides access to a series of press releases, papers, event transcripts and reports on international relations, international security and Pakistan A key focus of interest is American foreign policy and relations with Pakistan. Other topics covered include nuclear weapons, the political rule of General Musharraf, terrorism, Islam, extremism and politics; relations between India and Pakistan concernig Kashmir. Most materials date from 2005 onwards.

 Pakistan: International Crisis Group reports

This site is maintained by renown research body the International Crisis Group. It provides free access to its collection of press releases, papers and full text reports which it has published about Pakistan from approximately 2002 onwards. Topics covered include: islam and politics; the relationship between Pakistan and terrorism; international security and nuclear weapons, the political rule of General Musharraf, relations between India and Pakistan and elections in Pakistan.

Pakistan's political and security challenges

This site provides free access to House of Commons Library research paper 07/68 which was published in September 2007. The 63 page report provides a chronology of the political development of Pakistan since independence and its recent political and security challenges. Topics covered include: the rule of general Musharraf; military and nuclear weapons capabilities and controversies; the relationship between Pakistan, al-Qaeda, militant Islam and terrorism and bilateral relations between Pakistan and other nations such as India.