Pakistan: Human Security Gateway resources
The Human Security gateway is a joint project of the Human Security Centre (HSC) and the Canadian Consortium on Human Security (CCHS University of British Columbia. It aims to provide researchers with a searchable database of links to key websites, full-text reports, journal articles, news items and fact sheets relating to human security worldwide. Human security is defined as the protection of individuals from wars, civil wars and violence. It website enables users to search or browse by country or topic. Topics covered include: peace keeping operations, children and armed conflict, international humanitarian law, gender and security and refugees. Each resource has an added description of content. The section on Pakistan includes coverage of political violence in Pakistan; the military rule of General Musharraf; relations with India, the conflict in Kashmir and security and nuclear weapons.

Pakistan's political crisis 2007: BBC special report This site was created by the BBC news service to provide coverage of the 2007 political crisis in Pakistan. It offers free access to news stories, analysis, audio and video clips of BBC programme coverage. Also provided are biographies of keu players such as Benazir Bhutto and General Musharref and timelines of key events.