Formosan Association for Public Affairs

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) is a US based non-profit organisation which campaigns for the right of Taiwan to establish an independent nation. Its website provides information on its aims, membership and activities. It includes press releases, details of Taiwan related legislation and activitiy in the US congress and other petitions and papers. Topics covered include: relations between Taiwan and the USA; relations between China and Taiwan; criticism of the 'one China policy'.

Taiwan security research Taiwan security research is an academic website maintained by staff based at Taiwan National University which seeks to aggregate English language information about all aspects of Taiwan security and regional security. It includes news headlines and links to full text articles and papers. Topics covered include elections in Taiwan, foreign policy, relations with America, relations between China and Taiwan.

Taiwan Government Information Office, Republic of China

An official website of the government of Taiwan. Its English language version is used to promote taiwan to the world. It includes background information on the history and culture of the region, plus access to the latest political and economic headlines (as chosen by the government), Taiwan government press releases and online journals. these cover all areas of economic social and political policy. They include coverage of topical events such as elections and economic budgets and relations with China.