Lost & Found: A Smart-Practice Guide to Managing Organizational Memory (PDF: 8 MB)
Source: Canada School of Public Service

Loss of vital knowledge and experience is taking its toll on Canada’s cherished institutions– the Public Service of Canada in particular. Veteran employees are retiring in unprecedented numbers. Continual change and organizational churn are now the norm. New technologies allow us to generate and store vast amounts of information, but also to misplace vast amounts of information. We, as an institution, are forgetting important lessons from the past.

All of this is happening at a time when the Public Service is most dependent on “deep smarts” to best serve Canadians. The world is moving faster and becoming more complex. Citizens’ expectations have risen. Emergencies have tested our preparedness and ability to respond quickly. The Public Service must rely on its wits to seize the initiative and control its destiny. For these reasons, the Clerk of the Privy Council has launched a renewal exercise for the Public Service. Preserving organizational memory is a key part of this effort.

This guide was created to help you meet the challenge head-on. Preserving knowledge is a core responsibility of every manager. A wealth of actions are available, from simple tactics to large-scale initiatives. Here, you can learn to diagnose your own workplace and to develop a tailored strategy to follow through. You can immediately do your part to turn the tide. There are no longer any excuses for doing nothing.