Thinking About the Future of Food: The Chatham House Food Supply Scenarios
Source: Chatham House

+ Demand for food is increasing because the global population is rising and major developing economies are expanding. Global supply capacity, meanwhile, is struggling to keep up with changing requirements.

+ Four global food supply scenarios have been developed by the Chatham House Food Supply Project to consider the challenges created and their impact on the EU/UK:

  • ‘Just a Blip’: what if the present high price of food proves to be a brief spike with a return to cheap food at some point soon?
  • ‘Food Inflation’: what if food prices remain high for a decade or more?
  • ‘Into a New Era’: what if today’s food system has reached its limits and must change?
  • ‘Food in Crisis’: what if a major world food crisis develops?

+ Across the world the responses to change will be conditioned by uncertainties surrounding the availability of sufficient energy, water, land and skills. EU/UK stakeholders need to start planning now to develop new food supply systems that are up to the task.

+ Full Paper (PDF; 259 KB)