Democratic Republic of the Congo: Amnesty International resources
This site is maintained by international human rights group Amnesty International. It provides free access to press releases, statements, maps, campaign materials and full text Amnesty International reports relating to human rights in the DR Congo. Thses include coverage of armed conflict, refugees, humanitarian aid, political violence, torture and ill treatment in the region. Materials generally date from approximately 1998 onwards.

Democratic Republic of the Congo- tracking the Eastern Congo conflict : Ushahidi
Ushahidi is an interesting example of web 2.0 technology being used by grass roots activists. It uses mashup technology to provide summaries and locate on maps and satellite images the extent and nature of incidents during the war / conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC Congo) in 2008. On the ground citizen journalists send in reports via mobile phones, these are then mapped online and sent for NGOs and aid agencies for verification. Users of the site can view the latest messages, recorded incidents plus news links to headlines from official news agencies and peace keepers operating in the region. Incidents recorded include human rights abuses, torture and political violence.