European Parliament elections 2009: UK Web Archive
A web archive of 200 key English language sites created during the 2009 European election which has been preserved by the Uk Web Archive, headed by the British Library. They cover a number of categories including: EU institutions, national political parties, pan-European parties, candidates, interest groups (ranging from charities and industries), news media (mainly news services as newspapers are excluded due to licensing and copyright issues). Weekly snapshots of sites were taken for a key 20 sites, before and after capture election shots for all others. This great collection enables researchers to get a real taste of how the election progressed on the web. They show the evolution since 2004 of Web 2.0 interactive features, sophisticated political communication online, and the development of Pan-European parties. There are some technical limitations: streaming video may not be able to be accessed in the snapshot, in terms of Twitter, the first page of Tweets only could be captured by the web crawler. But this does not detract from the quality of the collection which will be invaluable to researchers of today and the future.Technical and copyright information is displayed on the website.From