Historic Jewish press
The Historic Jewish press website is a project of Tel-Aviv University. It provides free access to the full text of 10 newspapers: Bulletin de l'Alliance Israelite Universelle (1860-1913); Ha-Magid (1856-1903); L’Avenir Illustré (1926-1940); Palestine Post (1932-1950); Paix et Droit (1860-1913); Ha-Levanon (1863-1886) Israël (1920-1939). These include titles published in Europe and Arabic nations in a variety of languages. Users may search the site by keyword or browse by publication. There are added essays on the history of the Jewish press and the publication details and importance of each of the titles digitised. Each newspaper covers Jewish political, economic, social and cultural history. They offer insight and contemporary comment on the issue of Palestine and a Jewish homeland; the experience of Jews in the Ghetto, discrimination and the rise of the Nazi Party and fascism in 1930s Europe. Copyright and technical information is displayed on the website. From Intute.ac.uk