It is a year since Barack Obama became president of the USA – are you disappointed by what he has done?

at the outset a BBC world service poll showed high levels of optimism worldwide.

This week the Brookings Institution launched it own status report

Angus reid Monitor has been tracking his performance in the polls. in January 50% were content with his handling of duties.
However the BBC recently published a report showing ratings falling

The Rasmussen report has some presidential approval ratings show that only 28% of Americans strongly approve of his performance while 38% strongly disapprove.

find out more about what he is actually doing from these resources recommended by Intute. then make up your mind.

follow his activities on Twitter and facebook
Politifact (PolitiFact (a project of the St. Petersburg Times) is tracking if he has kept his promises.

the Washington Post has a number of interesting projects: In Obamas word – enables you to read (and track the topics/ words appearing frequently) in his speeches.
Potus Tracker examines his daily diary looking at meetings, who he meets and what vhe discusses.