Journal Of Pan African Studies

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The Journal of Pan African Studies is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal devoted to a synthesis of African world community studies and research that works to ask questions and seek answers to critical contemporary issues, based on an affirmative African centered logic and language of liberation.


Tabsir: A Blog Offering Insight On Islam And The Middle East

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Tabsir : insight on Islam and the Middle East (More)

Cuba. Web Sites

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History of Cuba Virtual Library

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC), University of Texas, Index of Links

Castro Speech Database, full English text of various Castro speeches 1959-1996

The Fidel Castro Collection,

Workers' Web Archive of Castro speeches & articles, 1959-1962.

Marxist Writing Archive

online selections from texts by Latin American and European Marxists and radical thinkers, from Adorno to Mariategui to Zizek

Political Links to Cuban government departments, institutions and parties

Sources & Resources on Latin America Steven S Volk's massive directory of internet links by country & subject

Che Lives
a Che fan site with many translations of Guevara texts

Caribbean Resources on the Net

University of North London Caribbean Studies resource pages


United Nations Reform. [Transnational Institute ]

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United Nations reform: Transnational Institute resources (More)

Institute For Defence Studies And Analyses [India]

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Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses[India]


Military Ideology Atlas. West Point, [US Military Academy]. Combatting Terrorism Center.

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Military Ideology Atlas


Blair's Foreign Policy And Its Possible Successor (S)

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Blair's foreign policy and its possible successor (s) (More)

Aparthied - Historical Images. United Nations Collection

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Historical images of aparthied in South Africa; United Nations collection (More)

Robben Island Museum

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Robben Island Museum (More)

South Africa Film And Video Project (SAFVP)

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South Africa Film and Video Project (SAFVP)