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The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has recently issued a publication on Good Governance Practices for the Protection of Human Rights (full text, pdf, 1.75 MB). According to the OHCHR press release, the report includes 21 case studies of governance reforms that have helped protect human rights around the world, in both developed and developing countries. The studies explore four areas: democratic institutions, the delivery of state services, the rule of law and anti-corruption measures. UN Pulse Permanent Link: Good Governance and human rights

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This is Zimbabwe
This is Zimbabwe is the blog of Sokwanele - Zvakwana a grassroots peoples' movement compaigning for democratic reform in Zimbabwe. Its blog provides access to news stories, discussion and comment from inside Zimbabwe. It is possible to access all postings from approximately 2005 onwards. They include criticisms of the government under Robert Mugabe, discussion of human rights and civil liberties in Zimbabwe and the conduct of presidential and political elections.The latter includes access to monitoring reports and maps alleging fraud in the 2008 presidential elections.

Zimbabwe’s latest crackdown: responses and consequences May 2007
This site provides free access to a briefing paper by Dorina Bekoe which was published by the United States Institute of Peace in May 2007. It critically assesses the state of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe under the rule of Robert Mugabe in 2007.

University of Zimbabwe institutional repository
The University of Zimbabwe institutional repository was originally created by the University of Zimbabwe Library. It seeks to provide free access to full text research materials from academic staff and researchers based at the university. This includes journals articles, conference papers, reports, working papers and book chapters. These cover all areas of research from the sciences, humanities and social sciences. They include materials from the applied social sciences which are of particular reference to African studies and the social, political, economic and social situation and history of Zimbabwe. Another rich area of coverage is in terms of AIDS and social policy in Africa. It is possible to search or browse the database. Records provide abstracts and information on copyright.