Bali Climate Change Conference Report

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The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has posted the report of the Bali Climate Change Conference, held in December 2007 (pdfs: FCCC/CP/2007/6 + Add.1, Add.2). Learn more about the UN's action on climate change. UN Pulse Permanent Link: Bali Climate Change Conference Report

Children And AIDS. UN

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UNICEF, WHO, and UNAIDS have issued Children and AIDS: Second stocktaking report (full text, pdf, 2.15 MB). The report shows progress in treating children with AIDS and preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, but urges greater efforts to stem the tide of the global epidemic. Learn more from the UN News Story, UNICEF press release (with links to Fast Facts and Country Examples), and the United for Children, Unite Against AIDS website.  UN Pulse  Permanent Link: Children and AIDS

Copper Theft, USA: We Are Not Alone In This. From LII.ORG

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Copper Theft: The Metal Theft Epidemic
This article discusses increased copper theft (often from power lines), which has resulted from higher prices for scrap copper. Describes the extent of the epidemic, the connection between copper wire theft and crystal meth (methamphetamine) use, and attempts to combat the problem (such as lobbying programs linking "metal theft to terrorism through the fact that utilities are considered critical infrastructure"). Includes a related slide show. From CSO, a magazine for corporate security officers.
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Metals Theft
This site provides background about metals theft, which "has become an overwhelming problem across the country." It provides examples of and alerts about thefts of metal, such as metal artworks, water covers, copper cathodes, copper-clad railroad signal wire, and aluminum tent frame inserts. Also includes a FAQ and recommended practices for scrap yards for minimizing the risk of purchasing stolen scrap metal. From the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and industry organization.
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