Latin America And The Caribbean Statistical Yearbook 2007

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The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) issued Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean 2007. The Yearbook covers demographic, social, economic issues; it also provides data on natural resources and environment. Read the press-release or view the Yearbook online. Permanent Link: Latin America and the Caribbean statistical yearbook 2007 UN Pulse

Zimbabwe Under Siege: A Canadian Civil Society Perspective

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Zimbabwe under siege: a Canadian civil society perspective
This site provides free access to the full text of a report compiled by the Zimbabwe Reference Group (ZimRef),a coalition of Canadian civil society organisations. The 36 page report surveys the state of civil liberties, democracy and media in Zimbabwe under the government of Robert Mugabe in 2004.{FE091D5B-0257-48F9-9F51-8ADBE326322F

Resistance Studies Network

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Resistance Studies Network

The Resistance Studies Network is maintained by Göteborg University. It seeks to promote the academic study of power, resistance and social change. This includes coverage of political and social protests, civil disobedience, non-violent protest around the world. reference is made to workers protests and anti-capotalist movements and revolutions. Its website includes mailing lists, information on conferences, workshops and publications. Users may acess news and links to some full text publications from members.