C Wright Mills And The Power Elite

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Power elite: excerpts from the book
Excerpts from The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills are arranged online on this Third Word Traveller webpage under the following chapter headings: The Higher Circles; The Chief Executives; The Warlords;The Military Ascendancy;The Mass Society; and The Higher Immorality. Third world Traveler aims to post on the Internet excerpts of books and articles which challenge the viewpoint of corporate America about US foreign policy.

C. Wright Mills
Nik Mills compiled this website which includes a bibliography of C. Wright Mills' major works, a commenorative review of The Power Elite; and photos of the sociologist whose scholarship challenged mainstream thinking in the 1950's.


Human Rights Protection Of Minority Languages In Africa

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Towards the human rights protection of minority languages in Africa

Electronic article looking at the human rights protection of minority languages in Africa written by Innocent Maja who is the Senior Partner of a Zimbabwean law firm and a Lecturer in the Private Law Department at the University of Zimbabwe’s Faculty of Law. The article was published in 2008 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School at the New York University School of Law. The author provides an introduction to the subject looking at various definitions of what a minority language is and the threat of extinction to minority languages. There are sections looking at the human rights instruments that protect minority languages under the United Nations system and under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. The article also looks specifically at the African situation covering the language rights afforded by the Cultural Charter for Africa and language policy and practice in Africa. Intute.ac.uk