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Inclusion and exclusion: NGOs and politics in Zimbabwe
This site provides free access to a dissertation submitted by Sara Rich Dorman for the degree of D.Phil St Antony's college, University of Oxford in 2001. The 341 page thesis examines the process of political change in Zimbabwe in the post independence era, 1980-2000, looking in particular at State civil-society relations, the emergence of political coalitions, the role of NGOs and church organisations and the progress of democratization in the region. It also considers the government of Robert Mugabe and the June 2000 elections. It is available on the Internet via the edinburgh University Research Archive.

Make sure they count nicely this time: the politics of election observing in Zimbabwe
This site provides access to the full text of a 25 page working paper by Sara Rich Dorman which was written in 2004. The author uses her experiences of research on Zimbabwe between 1994 and 2003, and participation as a member of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches Ecumenical Peace Observer Mission during the 2000 Parliamentary elections. Previous drafts of this paper were presented at African Studies Seminars at the University of Oxford in October 2000 and the University of Edinburgh in July 2002, under the title “A Flee and Fear Affair”. The paper examines the conduct of elections in Zimbabwe in 2000 and 2002 considering the controversies surrounding the role of the government of Robert Mugabe. The text is made available on the Internet via the Edinburgh Research Archive.

World Press Freedom Committee [Pdf]

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As concern about the safety of journalists around the world continues to grow, a number of international organizations remain dedicated to this particular issue. The World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC) is interested in this issue, along with monitoring press freedom issues at the United Nations and other related activities. The information on their site is divided into sections that include "Fundamentals", "Programs", "Publications", and "News". First-time visitors should stop by the "Fundamentals" area to learn more about the basic international documents related to various press freedoms around the world. Moving on, the "Programs" area contains detailed information on their "Fund Against Censorship" initiative and their work in the area of Internet press freedom. Most scholars and working journalists will want to spend a bit of time in their "Publications" area. Here they will find recent work on press freedoms in the world of new media and the 2007 report "It's a Crime: How Insult Laws Stifle Press Freedom". The site is rounded out by an RSS feed and a news media center with recent press releases. [KMG]  Scout Report

Why Has US Government Not Signed Climate Change Agreements?

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Companion website to a 2008 PBS Frontline documentary that looks at the factors behind "the [failure of the] executive branch of the U.S. government ... to join in climate change agreements adopted by much of the rest of the world." Features investigative reports, a timeline of scientific and political developments concerning global warming, interviews, readings and links, a teacher's guide, and more. Annotation copyright LII.ORG
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