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Understanding Al-Shabaab

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Somalia: Understanding Al-Shabaab


On 8 May 2009, Al-Shabaab reinforced by a faction of Hizbul Islam and former Islamic Courts Union’s (ICU) leader Sheikh Aweys began what they claimed was a final assault on the capital Mogadishu in an attempt to destroy President Sheikh Sharif’s fragile National Unity Government. A wave of targeted assassinations of ICU officials and Al-Shabaab commanders in mid-April onwards, the reshuffling of military and political alliances among Islamist factions and inflammatory rhetoric that has led to a polarization of political positions has all but eliminated prospects for reconciliation between the government and the opposition.

At the time of writing the government is managing to keep hold of southern Mogadishu. Nevertheless Al-Shabaab continues to gain ground in central Somalia and is positioning itself for what it hopes will be a decisive military victory. This report briefly examines the nature of Al-Shabaab’s ideological stance, their political ambitions and why this movement constitutes the gravest threat to the survival of Sheikh Sharif’s government and the Djibouti peace process that gave it birth...[Full paper]
Situation Report, Institute of Security Studies 

Date issued: 3 June 2009
Author: Paula Cristina Roque


Global Issues. UN

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Global Issues ...[facing] the United Nations... [T]his website... offer[s] an overview of some of these issues, and guide you to places on the World Wide Web where you can gain additional information on each issue. We hope this deepens your knowledge and understanding of these issues, and what the United Nations is doing to address them.


Africa Renewal, A Magazine Published By UN

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 Volume 23 No. 1. April 2009

Partial Contents:

Cover Stories:


Other Contents

Relief efforts gear up for Zimbabwe

Donors look for more progress on national reconciliation

Small loans widen horizons for the poor

World downturn squeezing Africa

Calls for more aid, greater voice in recovery plans

UN’s Cheick Sidi Diarra

Africa faces up to global turmoil:

Interview with UN’s Cheick Sidi Diarra

Does financing benefit African women?

Does financing benefit African women?

New initiatives to track the gender impact of development funds

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Background Work For Human Development Report 2009

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Each year before the annual Human Development Report (HDR) is published by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) a topical background research is done for the upcoming HDR and a number of research papers are issued. The theme of the 2009 HDR is human mobility, the research papers published so far can be downloaded. The list of events, consultations, seminars and network discussions related to the 2009 HDR theme can also be consulted. UN Pulse: Permanent Link: Background work for Human Development Report 2009