Zuma Speech: Judicial Conference For South African Judges (06/07/2009)

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 SA: Zuma: Keynote Address by the President of South Africa at the Second Judicial Conference for South African Judges (06/07/2009)

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Pambazuka News 441: The 'change We Need'? Obama In Ghana

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- Six villagers have been shot by security guards at North Mara Gold
Mine in Tanzania


- Charles Abugre hopes Obama's Ghana visit will bring a new 'wind of change'
- Chambi Chachage unpacks the difference between subjects and citizens
- Bereket Habte Selassie on the elusive Pan-African dream
- Patrick Bond suspects Stiglitz and Yunus favour neoliberal solutions o financial crisis
- Phitalis Were Masakhwe calls on donors to promote rights of people
with disabilities
- William Gumede on the SA government's options for rescuing companies in crisis
- Greg Tate on Michael Jackson's place among black American musical greats
- Sokari Ekine on Michael Jackson and the politics of 'pigment-ocracy'
- Cynthia McKinney on being imprisoned for taking humanitarian aid to Gaza
- HSRC report suggests Israel practises apartheid in Occupied
Palestinian Territories
- Karoline Kemp on SOAWR's use of ICTs to campaign for women's rights in Africa

- Bill Fletcher Jr on the Left's difficulty in condemning torture by
- A letter from Uganda's President Museveni to human rights activist
Vincent Nuwagaba
- Ugandan human rights activist Vincent Nuwagaba responds to a letter
from President Museveni

- Khadija Sharife asks what is the real value of Africa's wealth

- Campaign of terror unleashed on Nigeria's 'witch children'
- Declaration of the organisations of La Via Campesina of Central America
- Nigeria: DSM show solidarity with Great Ife workers
- Nigeria: Implement teacher?s salary scale in Osun State now!
- Obama: Change policy in Africa
- UNHCR responds to Fahamu on the situation at Mtabila Camp

- Apologies don't put food on the table, says Ife Kilimanjaro
- Credit our achievements in the reparations struggle, writes Cikiah Thomas
- Simon Kokoyo on how donor agencies stifle development
- Anne Khaminwa responds to Fatoumata Toure

- Chambi Chachage remembers Professor Haroub Othman
- Kayode Fayemi celebrates the life of Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem

- Blue tales, other narratives and beyond: The art of Khalid Kodi
- Kenya: Lola Kenya Children's Screen 2009
- South Africa: Durban International Film Festival 30th Anniversary
- South Africa: Urban Voices International Arts Festival 2009

- An interview with Rustum Kozain
- E.C. Osondu wins 10th Caine Prize for African Writing
- Fat Cats by Marion Grammer


Climate Change, Energy And Food...FAO Conference, June 2008

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Climate change, energy and food : high-level conference on world food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy

This conference opened at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy on 3 June 2008. 'Throughout the three days of events, forty-two Heads of State and Government, one hundred high-level Ministers and sixty non-governmental and civil society organizations from one hundred eighty-one member countries discussed the challenges that climate change, bioenergy and soaring food prices posed to world food security.' The web site gives links to, the declaration on world food security, a report of the conference, information on soaring food prices. facts, perspectives, impacts and actions required; and the challenges of climate change and bioenergy. Links are given to other key sites. From Intute.ac.uk