Zuma Calls For Global Financial Reform At NAM Summit. Via 'Mail And Guardian'

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XV Summit Of The Non-Aligned Movement, 11-16 July 2009

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United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime: 2009 Annual Report

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The UNDOC Annual Report 2009 provides an overview of what the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is doing to help Member States address the threat posed by drugs, crime and terrorism. The report demonstrates that, in an unstable world, the information and expertise provided by UNODC are in high demand (full-text, pdf).

"Victim empowerment in South Africa—a UNODC first
In 2008, UNODC launched a new project to empower crime victims in South Africa. Such work is especially relevant in a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world. A local study shows that one South African woman is killed by her intimate partner every six hours.
With this project, UNODC aims to help build institutional capacity within the Department of Social Development to lead, expand and sustain the victim empowerment programme, improve coordination and co-operation between government departments and civil society
organizations, promote awareness of South Africa’s victim empowerment policies, and to build capacity among civil society organizations to deliver victim empowerment interventions. Crime victims are often not aware of their rights as outlined in the government’s Victim Charter. Through the “16 days of activism to stop violence against women and children” in November and December, UNODC helped raise awareness on victims’ rights and the various services available to them through government andcommunity organizations."


UN Pulse : Permanent Link: UNDOC Annual report 2009

UNU-CRIS. Measurement Of Regional Economic Disparities, A Working Paper

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The United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) has released a new working paper, Measurement of regional economic disparities (W-2009/12, pdf) by José Villaverde and Adolfo Maza. For supra-national economic integration projects such as the European Union, it is essential for success that economic disparities among countries and regions are not very high, but there is significant debate as to how to measure these disparities. This paper reviews the methods of analyzing and measuring regional disparities and recommends the use of multiple economic indicators to perform the measurements (summary).
UN Pulse: Permanent Link: UNU-CRIS: Measurement of regional economic disparities