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Asheeqah | 21 April, 2008 12:27

It is the end of a school day and the taxi rank is full of scholars, laughing and going about their own business. The term Taxi Queens generally refers to young girls who associate with taxi drivers or taxi guards. The relationship they have is sexual and the girls usually ride on the front seat of the taxi, next to the driver. In the past, during the 1900’s, this trend even had its own song with profane lyrics which would describe the relationship between the girl and the taxi driver.


This phenomenon is not only confined to schoolgirls, but women of all ages become involved with men of all ages. According to various taxi drivers, there are many ways of getting a specific “candidate”. Amongst them is that the girl sit in a position where it’s easy for the driver to make eye-contact with her and once he smiles with her and she responds, he has a “candidate” and the ball starts rolling. Once the driver sleeps with the girl, she becomes a “victim” and other taxi drivers then have the ability and authority to “pass her around”. Majority of these assholes are married and that does not even come as a surprise!Yell These men have very little respect for women as they feel swollen with pride and arrogant about this whole sex phenomenon.




Silentblog | 22/04/2008, 13:18

Would you mind expanding on this sex phenomenon that you refer to?
Sex has been around for ages, Humans have been procreating for millenia.So what aspect of the "phenomenon" are you refering to, that the taxi drivers only want to sleep with they prey and do not harbour real feelings for them or phenomenal orgasms maybe??? Could the phenomenon be that people have sex for fun and not only to procreate???

But i do agree that they have no respect for women and are preying on the naivety of teenage girls.

You've come up with a very interesting topoc

Ntokozo Mkhize | 27/09/2008, 21:48

What if the taxi driver is truelly in love with a so called "candidate" do you personally think that possible and what is at called?


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