Are we being Dumbed Down by technology?

Posted by Simone Julianne Barnes on 08 October, 2008 23:26

I have just discovered where my passion could possibly lie (I’m talking future wise). I really seem to enjoy the content of our new health psychology lectures what really interests me the most, is the content about the comparison of the 20th century children to there parents, it is so interesting to find that because of technology and all the advances from the time our parents were young to the present day us as the new generation have becomes so dumbed down, so much so that were our parents mean life expectancy is 66 years of age ours is a jaw dropping 39 years of age can you believe that many of our peers with us right now will be dead in +/- 20 years. Has the advancement of technology contributed to the decrease of intellect or in other words, are you “dumber” than you were 10 years ago because of spell check?


A book I found entitled Dumbing Down summed it up as follows:”National intelligence is plummeting and our society is essentially a consumer’s society where leisure time is used, no longer for self-perfection or acquisition of more social status, but for more consumption and more entertainment.”

The results? We have been dumb downed and the effects can be seen in every aspect of our lives, such as in education, politics, journalism, literature, film and religion. It seems that people are no longer challenged or required to think, there is spell check, Google, Wikipedia, you name it the internet is amazing. This results in us hardly ever reading and we end up living in a simple, user-friendly, push button society. Many of us spend a lot of time watching pointless television shows and movies most of the time based on some non-realistic utopian existence.

So I sit here now asking myself if spell check has ruined my life. You’re darn right it has, I can’t spell to safe my life (maybe thats because i am partially dislexic)and I refuse to learn another phone number when I can just save it into my cell phone. There is no one better to blame for this than ones self e all have to assume personal responsibility when it comes to the choices we make and how we choose to spend our time. If we are “dumb” as a result, we have no one to blame, but ourselves.

The scary part of this all is that most people not even I don’t seem to realize is that there is just as much money to be made out of the wreckage of a civilization as from the up building of one.

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