Typing Chinese Online

Posted by Celia Walter | 16 Apr, 2009
Typing Chinese online
Typing Chinese Online is a simple, useful web-based tool that allows users to imput Chinese in pinyin romanisation, for them to be translated into simplified characters. The main website instructions can be read in English, Chinese, French and German. Users type pinyin into a text box, and can select the corresponding character from a list that appears below. It is then possible to copy and paste the text into other documents. The possibility of characters which appear can be narrowed down by using the keyboard to indicate the tone of the character that you would like to type (for example, typing in capitals indicates that the character has the third of four tones).

The website would be of use to anyone who wishes to type a small amount of Chinese, especially undergraduate students or beginners (who need to know some Chinese words). Although the tool does not include complicated characters, it is a simple tool that can be used without the need to purchase a complicated software programme. Although it may seem difficult to use at first, all users need to do is to type pinyin into the text box. From Intute.ac.uk