LIFE Launches Its Own Photo Archive

Posted by Celia Walter | 5 Apr, 2009 launched early last week, a joint venture between Time Inc and Getty Images. At launch the site had over seven million images available from the LIFE and Getty Images archives, with the plan to add about 3,000 new photos a day. It’s in beta, and if you hadn’t guessed yet the URL of the site is

The front page of the site has a search box and basic categories to browse but also a variety of features including notes about this day in history, a guest editor, a list of the most popular photo sets, and a set of editor’s picks.

It’s a bit chilly here this morning so to reassure myself that spring was really underway, I did a search for cherry blossoms (the festival is going on right now in Washington DC.) I got two sets of results, one for photos in general (289) and another for purchasable photos (16.) A nav on the left lets you narrow down by time, location, and ostensibly by person pictured; however if in this case you choose George Washington, you don’t get a picture of George Washington. You get a picture of the George Washington monument. (In some search results there are also links to sets of images; do a search for tropical as an example.)

Search results include a thumbnail and a brief caption; click on either and you’ll get a somewhat larger picture and a sometimes extended caption. You can rate the pictures, link to them, or share them across a variety of social networks, but I was a little surprised there wasn’t more information on the photos themselves.

You’ll note that in this result there are photos and then there are purchasable photos — when I looked at these they tended to be in black and white, were somewhat older, and had better captions. (But there’s nothing wrong with your monitor — that picture with the horse doesn’t appear to be complete.) Beyond that when I picked a picture I liked (”Sogho festival”) I found out that the “Purchase” button took me to QOOP, where I was invited to buy a framed version of said photo for $99.99. Gah.

I like the size of this archive, and I like the fact that there’s a commitment to add so many photos to it. But it feels a bit scarce on photo information. The news release for the photos mentioned that there will be more features coming soon; maybe I’ll like it better after those launch.

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Posted by Celia Walter | 5 Apr, 2009

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Privacy Mantra 2.06

Posted by Celia Walter | 5 Apr, 2009
Privacy is an important watchword when dealing with computers, and Privacy Mantra is a nice way to get a bit of piece of mind in this thorny area. This application will wipe away websurfing traces from Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it can also remove usage history from the Microsoft Office suite. The application also works to free disk space by deleting annoying junk files. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 2000 and newer. [KMG] From Scout Report

Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food in Global Warming

Posted by Celia Walter | 5 Apr, 2009
This article from takes a look at a certain aspect of American life that may be contributing more to global warming than you would have thought possible – your diet. Did you know that people are eating close to double the recommended amount of meat per year? Did you also know that one kilogram of beef releases sixteen kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent into the air which is ten times higher than that of poultry? Salad anyone?

Is my lunch causing global warming?

Posted by Celia Walter | 5 Apr, 2009

Did you know, the food system is responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse emissions?

With every meal you eat, you have the power to reduce climate change.

The Bon Appétit Management Company Low Carbon Diet Calculator is designed to allow you to compare the relative carbon impacts of your food choices.

The Low Carbon Calculator has been designed for Flash Player 8 and above.
Please download the latest version here