135 Web Search Engines: a list from Phil Bradley

Posted by Celia Walter | 6 Apr, 2009

I've put together a list of 135 general web search engines; that is to say, search engines that search the web. It does not include site or subject specific search engines, or country based search engines. I've created a list of country based search engines which cover 200 countries and regions and a total of over 2,000 search engines (as at September 2004). If you need country/region based search engines, feel free to visit the country search engine page.
If you know of a general search engine that I've not included, please email me!

I've not yet had chance to annotate all the various search engines listed, but have tried to indicate what most of the web search engines are. If I've not commented it's because it's either obvious, or there's nothing noteworthy to say about that particular web search engine.

Country based search engines: from Phil Bradley

Posted by Celia Walter | 6 Apr, 2009

Country based search engines:

Abkhazia to Dominican Republic
Easter Island to Ireland
Israel to Rwanda
Saint Kitts to Zimbabwe

African regional search engines from Phil Bradley

Posted by Celia Walter | 6 Apr, 2009

Aardvark http://www.aardvark.co.za/
AfricaOnline http://www.africaonline.com/site/
African Information http://www.externalharddrive.com/countries/africa/index.html
Africa Portal http://www.esoek.co.za/XcDirectory.asp
AllofAfrica http://www.AllofAfrica.com
Click Africa http://www.clickafrique.com/directory.asp
Safarichasers http://www.safarichasers.com/
Stanford's Africa Pages http://www-sul.stanford.edu/depts/ssrg/africa/search.html
Woyaa http://www.woyaa.com/

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23 South African search engines from Phil Bradley

Posted by Celia Walter | 6 Apr, 2009
If you're interested in South Africa, use this list of 23 South Africa search engines. A country based search engine is specifically designed to tell you about that country or region without giving you a lot of stuff you weren't interested in. The following list of country search engines isn't necessarily complete, so if you know of other country search engines for this country, let me know. If you own a country search engine and want a link just let me know. You might even want to advertise your South Africa search engine on here as well!

Afrika.no http://www.afrika.no/index/Countries/South_Africa/index.html
Afrique Index http://www.afriqueindex.com/Pays/Afrique-du-Sud.htm
Aha! http://www.aha.co.za/
Ananzi http://www.ananzi.co.za/
Ask an aardvark http://www.aardvark.co.za/
Brabys http://www.brabys.co.za/
Business Broadcaster http://www.business-broadcaster.com/
Cape Link http://www.capelink.co.za/
Doorway South Africa http://www.doorway.co.za/
Easyinfo http://www.easyinfo.co.za/
Funnel http://www.funnel.co.za/funnel.php
iSeek http://ww1.iseek.co.za/
Linx South Africa http://www.linx.co.za/
Max http://www.max.co.za/
Open Directory Project http://dmoz.org/Regional/Africa/South_Africa/
SA Web Chart http://sa.web-chart.com/
SA Yellow Online http://www.sayellow.com/
South Africa Crawler http://www.southafricacrawler.co.za/
South Africa Search Engine http://www.searchengine.co.za/
Tradepage http://www.tradepage.co.za/
Win4Win http://www.win4win.co.za/
Woyaa Online http://www.woyaaonline.com/links/COUNTRIES/SOUTH_AFRICA/
Yahoo Regional http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/South_Africa/

It's not just all about South Africa search engines!

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Which search engine when? From Phil Bradley

Posted by Celia Walter | 6 Apr, 2009

Search engines that help you find whatever you're looking for. If you know the kind of information that you want, this page will assist you in identifying good web search engines to use.  http://www.philb.com/whichengine.htm

Don't forget to use the dropdown menu to search for different types of search engine.


Major types of search engine:

Keyword Search engines
You know what you're looking for, and can describe it with some key words or phrases.

Index or Directory based search engines
These search engines arrange data in hierachies from broad to narrow. Good if you need an overview of a subject or you're not entirely sure of what you want.

Multi or Meta search engines
These search engines are useful if you need to run a comprehensive search quickly across a number of different engines, to compare results or to suggest search engines that you may not have tried before. The majority do a Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask search (GYMA, or GYM search depending), but there are differences.

Visual results search engines
Rather than a simple textual list of results some search engines will provide content in a visual format. This is great if you want a change, or to view results differently. These engines also appeal to students and children.

Category search engines
Some search engines will create categories for you to narrow or expand your search criteria. This is good if you don't want to think, or need some help in areas that you don't know that well.

Blended results
There are some search engines that will try and blend a variety of results onto one page for you - websites, news, video, images and so on. Good for an overall view of a subject area. Unfortunately there are not very many of them!