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From FreePint: My Favourite Tipples by Jane John

From: Backdoor Broadcasting Company

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Backdoor Broadcasting Company. We are a mobile audio webcasting service, broadcasting sound or any audio source from anywhere to anywhere via the Internet. We are based in the United Kingdom, in Oxford, and at present only operate within the UK...

We offer two different kinds of services:

The Academic Service is specifically designed to broadcast academic conferences, symposia, public lectures and workshops to further the dissemination of academic research and knowledge. Our other service, the Sound Experiment, wishes to encourage new and experimental music, sound art and sonic events by making them available to the widest possible audiences...

Two items from the Academic Service archive


Professor Michael Mann (UCLA): Explaining the Rise and Fall of Fascism

speaker_michaelmannThe Birkbeck-Wiener Library joint lecture series cotinued on 15 April 2009 with a lecture by Professor Michael Mann on ‘Explaining the Rise and Fall of Fascism’. This lecture took place at Birkbeck, University of London (main building, Malet Street, WC1E 7HX, in Room B34) at 7pm.

Professor Michael Mann is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles and a world authority on political theory and history. He is widely well known for his publications on capitalism, nationalism, militarism, globalisation, imperialism, ethnic cleansing and fascism. His major works include ‘Fascists’, a comparative study of fascism in six European countries (2004); ‘The Dark Side of Democracy’ on ethnic cleansing (2004); ‘Incoherent Empire’ on contemporary American imperialism (2003); and the prize-winning series ‘The Sources of Social Power’ (Volume I: A History of Power from the Beginning to 1760, published in 1986, and Volume II: The Rise of Classes and Nation-States, 1760-1914, published in 1996).

The lecture is followed by a commentary from Professor Lucy Riall (Birkbeck), who has published widely on European and Italian history. Her most recent book is ‘Garibaldi: Invention of a Hero (2007), which analyses the political strategy behind the construction of a popular cult of Garibaldi in nineteenth century Europe.

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Round Table:  THE DECLINE AND RISE OF CHINA: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Royal Holloway University of London Department of History


Dr Weipin Tsai: The ‘Self-Strengthening Movement’ Revisited

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Dr Chi-Kwan Mark:  Negotiating with Communism: Britain and China.

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Dr Evelyn Goh: China’s Rise and the Regional Hierarchy in East Asia

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MInd: The Meetings Index, a free listing of conferences, meetings, congresses and academic symposia

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MInd: The Meetings Index
MInd: The Meetings Index is a free listing of conferences, meetings, congresses and academic symposia maintained by InterDok. It can be used to quickly locate future events in science/technology; medical/life sciences; pollution control/ecology and the social sciences/humanities. The social sciences category includes materials on politics, economics, sociology and law, among many other subjects. The majority of the events are located in North America, although there is some more limited coverage of other areas of the world. Each entry has a description of the event, contact details and links to the official website (where available). There is also an archive of past events dating back to approximately 2003. From

Espresso Book Machine®, Blackwell's print-on-demand book machine

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Blackwell revolutionises reading with print-on-demand book machine

"Frustrating 'out-of-print' and 'out-of-stock' books will become a thing of the past with a new machine that prints books on demand. In the future, any novel, manual, journal or academic title, no matter how old or new can be printed in just under five minutes. On 24 April, Blackwell launched the Espresso Book Machine® (the "EBM") at its London flagship store in Charing Cross, which currently holds more than 400,000 publications. By summer there will be over a million titles available, the equivalent of 23.6 miles worth of shelving or over 50 bookshops rolled into one, in a machine the size of a photocopier."

From: Peter Scott's library blog