Naxos Music Library

Posted by Celia Walter | 4 Nov, 2007

+ Naxos Music Library Sheet Music - Official Launch
From the announcement:

The Naxos Music Library, a streaming audio database featuring over 17,000 CD’s worth of music is offered in tandem with service mentioned above. Naxos is also now offering upgrades to member institutions that include the entire Fantasy Jazz catalog which features over 23,000 additional tracks of Jazz, Blues, R&B, and early Rock & Roll and a streaming upgrade offering CD quality sound. Both of these upgrades complement and embellish the already outstanding services offered by Naxos…The Naxos Music Library is a digital music resource for students and library patrons available throughout North America and most of the World.


Here here! Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM

Posted by Celia Walter | 29 Sep, 2008
Hear here!
Here here! is a project conducted by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation that is dedicated to listening. The project started in January 2008 and aims, during the course of 2008, to explore all aspects of listening, including how the ear actually processes music, how people listen to music at concerts and how people decide what to listen to and what they would not like to listen to. People can get involved with the project when, on a monthly basis, a different element of listening and of listening experiences is explored and contributions are invited. A number of articles concerned with listening are available in the "Listen and discuss" section. Some of the articles include audio samples for which software is required. The website also includes details of Here here! events that take place each month, as well as a "Resources" section that provides further information about topics included elsewhere on the website.

African Music

Posted by Celia Walter | 28 Jan, 2009
David Rycroft Africa recordings
A South African-born linguist and musicologist, Rycroft made many field trips to villages, townships and settlements around South Africa between the 60s and 80s. Fascinated by the relationship between oral traditions and musical structure, Rycroft focussed on unaccompanied choral singing, songs composed for indigenous musical instruments, and urban music. The bulk of this material is previously unpublished.British Museum Archival recordings

Floola 4.7, an alternative to iTunes

Posted by Celia Walter | 16 Feb, 2009

Those persons looking for an alternative to iTunes might find Floola worth a look. This portable music playing software package allows users to take notes and download photos quickly. Visitors can also use the application to keep their Google calendars updated. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 2000 and newer. [KMG]

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