Day 2 - Tuesday 6th September

Posted by Samantha Ridley on 11 September, 2011 20:19

Day 2


Day 2, we started building today. We did a range of tasks from mixing mortar, carrying bricks, laying bricks, brick force and lintels. We formed brick passing lines to make moving the bricks more efficient. I realised how heavy the bricks were and how difficult working on a construction site can be, I developed a great deal of respect for the individuals that do this on a daily basis. By the end of the day my body was very tired and I was exhausted. Although the physical labour was difficult we all pushed through and were very pleased with the progress we made.


On the second day I did more work which was related to construction, like learning to lay bricks, using construction equipment, how to mix cement and how to apply the cement onto the previous layer of bricks in order to lay the next layer and so on. Once again the work wasn’t very difficult but it was extremely tiring lifting the heavy bricks all day. We were also not as efficient at doing the job as the rest of the trained construction workers on the site due to our lack of experience.


Today I mixed the sand, cement and water to form the mortar at a ratio of 1:4 (Cement: Sand). I also helped to pass on the mortar to the brick layer. I also helped in the actual brick laying which was quite a challenge. I helped to carry the bricks to where they building, it was a lot of fun.


Day 2, Building! So chuffed to be mixing cement and laying bricks rather than moving earth. We found ourselves a house which had been half built and met the builders Moses and Goodwell, who got us to work collecting sand, cement and water. We mixed the heavy, thick cement before starting to move cement blocks into the house ready for building. My fingers started to give up after carrying the third pallet of bricks, one in each hand. I finally got to lay three bricks before we were called for lunch. The afternoon was spent mostly building, everyone got involved passing bricks and fresh mortar while others laid the cement blocks, ensuring brick force and wall ties for the interior walls were inserted every third course. By the time we were finished for the day, our half built house had all its door and window frames and all its walls were complete with the steel roof ties placed every three bricks along the top.


The day began with another awesome spring morning in Atlantis.  The group gathered at a half-finished house to receive our task for the day. The first job we had for the day was to mix the mortar for the laying of the cement blocks.  This looks much easier than it is; it made me appreciate the labourers around me. As the day came to an end we had made major progress with the walls.  Another good day for the team.


Work picked up today as we were actively building. Tasks that were done today included moving building blocks, mixing mortar and laying bricks. Other smaller tasks were done at the request of the resident builders. Today’s tasks were more challenging than yesterday, but we managed to do a lot of work. I was particularly interested with the brick laying process.

  •  The team helping to mix mortar on Day 2

  • Sam & Rafa laying bricks, we are standing on scaffolding in order to reach this level of brickwork.

  •  Gwati on the scaffolding laying bricks.

  •  The progress of the house before lunch.

  •  The progress of the house in the morning of Day 2.

  • The team working together laying bricks and moving mortar to where it is needed.

  •  Phumi helping to mix mortar on Day 2

  •  Phumi & Rafa helping to move the bricks where needed.

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