The First Day

Mochelo Lefoka 06 September, 2008 17:35 C: first day Permalink Trackbacks (0)

As we arrived in the compound, we were given some very motivational speeches by the different heads of department in the Mellon Foundation Initiative and we were assigned our different groups.

 Group allocation and speeches

 All the groups were then shown the different materials that they were going to use and the leaders were assigned their duties and the responsibility of looking after the materials.

 Discovering our materialsour materials and our sacred wheelbarrow

The shuttle then took us on site and we were allocated the different houses we would be working on and the team of subcontractors we would be working on. We had the huge pleasure of meeting Mr Moana, who supposedly earned his nickname because he moans a lot ;) 

The materials arrived on site and we were all excited to get started and the energy levels were very high. All the team members were looking forward to "building South Africa" as Ryan would say.


The truck arriving with the materialsGregg arrived on site with the materials.

Mr Moana then assigned us the job of clearing the site and stacking the bricks on the concrete floor slab. 

Clearing out the siteLuke and Rhett clearing out the siteLuke carrying blocks....Hmmm so macho....



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