The phenomenon of globalization has changed the understanding of world politics which was traditional viewed as state central. Therefore there was clear division between internal and external politics however globalization in this post cold era has flatten out those differences between the national identity and by its highly growing pace has increase the chances of cross nation. In this writing focus will be globalization as the external force acting upon national identity and show the possibility of a cross nation which is made possible by technology and communication.


For a moment by the term globalization is variously defined terms but in this writing will use the common definition. Globalization “is the emergence of a complex web of interconnectedness that means that our live are increasingly shaped by events that occur, and decision that are made, at a great distance from us. The central feature of globalization is therefore that geographical distance is of declining relevance, and that territorial boundaries such as those between nation state are becoming less important”( Heywood 2007:143). Therefore aspects that can be identified in globalization are internationalization of economy, technological revolution which allows social movements thus flattens out the differences in national identity because of every thing is liberalized (Woods 2008:252). The social movements among different national identity enforce one culture globalization. An example the powerful US media enforces its life style, language through the entire world.


In this light globalization is associated with the tendency of similarity in countries in such thing as culture, social, economic because there were previously diverse. This identify that there are different characteristic of globalization. The most significant character of globalization is cultural, economic and political globalization. Economic globalization is the shift from a world of different state where economies where run by the state to global economy in which production and capital operate in free markets thus internationalized. The collapse of communism played an impact in economic globalization which limits state in management of their economies separately because is based on free trade market. Cultural globalization is the process of social relation whereby information and communication is internationalized because of increased and improved technology. The cultural globalization is the social interconnections between different states which have resulted in flatten out of cultural differences. An example will be of restaurant MacDonald is globalized food store which has become a culture in many countries. Political globalization is a growing importance of international bodies such United Nations, World Trade Organization etc. Political globalization reflects the idealist belief on avoiding conflicts there is need for international institution in order to establish some form of world government


Therefore the social relation among different nations gives the possibility for cross nation. It gives the possibility for a one common identity in the world because of improvement in technology and communication in the entire world. As result the differences among national identity are flatten out because of cultural globalization an example Macdonaldization.