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I wanna be a SWEATSHOP worker, maybe il lose weight and look like PARIS HILTON!

Jessica Rosalie Bezuidenhout | 15 August, 2008 13:50

So generally we walk into a store and begin scanning through all the products(wether its clothing or food products) and find our eyes fixed on the brand name which we are familiar with. For instance il grab a coke instead of the pepse and the Dr Pepper which are a mere 2cm away from the Coke can.

One reason is advertising. It is a clever way of deceiving the puplic and creating a stigma around certain products, which may not be the best product, but have enough money to brain wash us into believing that it is. Does the word SWEATSHOP ring any of those bells up staires, well basically most of the amazingly expensive clothing products most barbie doll girls wear are manufactured in countries where the minimum wage would not even allow one student from UCT to buy a bag of popcorn, shocking right...well i bet you still going to go on buying your Nike shoes and Diesel jeans but hey im just here to rant not create a society that would actually think before paying.

 So where does the money go your wondering, well to the BIG bosses and to the adverts that make us want to actually buy the product. Those really big advertisments we see all over buildings or on T.V cost somewhere close to one to two million rand and dont even get me started on the United States of America, they spend maybe double that. This money is not wasted oh no because our generation is so obbsessed with Hollywood and the lifestyles these amazingly boring people live that we would pay anything to just look similar to Cameron Diaz or Paris Hilton(yes there are actually people who aspire to look like her).

But we are to be blamed as well. We go along with it all, we get so disalusioned by the glits and glamour of a name. The Billabong top your wearing or whatever is the same pattern and the same material of that other top in Mr Price or wherever but because it has the brand name BILLABONG on it we'll pay double. Is it our fault though, aren't we just brain washed into the world of social norms and the stright lines of conformity, " Everyones wearing boots, i better get apair" sound familiar? But then agian if we were individuals one could argue that we are to blame for the people in Mexico who work 18 to 20 hours a day to make a pair of shoes for Nike and get paid next to nothing because as a nation of consumers we are the reason those shoes are being produced, there has to be a demand inorder for it to be made. But then we cant exactly walk around naked, or not eating can we...but we need these things and we wont go without our comforts why should we. For me i dont understand these big companies such as Nike, they are swimming in the money and yet there are untold stories of sweatshops scattered around the world in the poorest of poor countries, why...because they are the result of a money hungry generation, not generation maybe era would be more appropriate.

So i still buy my Coke instead of the other choices avalaible, but not because its Coca Cola but because i prefere it to the others, but Nike...mm nope you wont see me wearing Nike i hate the idea of wearing something a little girl in Indonisia made, or some man who was not able to sleep or go to the toilet for twenty hours straight- it's not appealing to me.