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Palin, the bait dangeled infront of the fish!

Jessica Rosalie Bezuidenhout | 22 September, 2008 10:59

Sarah Palin was announced as McCains vice-president, right after Hillary Clinton was booted off the podium. To me it's no mere coinsidentence that McCain has appointed a women, he wants the votes and he knows that women are hungry for some power, or at least some false hope of power.

Lets be honest, its a ploy to reach out to the mothers out there who see a woman up on the podium and think, "Finally a woman taking charge". Mmm not quite im affraid, Palin may be a strong woman but McCain is a greedy power hungry man who will ultimately use her as a prop. She will be under his rule, his say goes, so whats the big deal.


Shes a former beauty queen, a mother of five and Governer of Alaska, wow that is a mouthfull of i dont care. I believe that she has simply become an advert, you know one of those advertisments that use women as sexual objects inorder for some horny man to buy a car or a razor, that is what Palin has become to the the McCain campaign. Shes the bait being dangled infront of the women of America, shes been dressed up and flattened out to impress and create an illusion. Hillary is out of the picture, and Obama has the black vote so the women are awaiting their picking...i wonder who they would vote for-mmm possibly the women on all the posters.

 Yes its a great step in the right direction for women, but is it the power we really want. To be some minoin to the greedy oil monsters who will end up destroying the worlds economy?

One of the other reasons for McCains choice for Palin is the fact that he wants to exploit the oil resources in Alaska, but how does he get around the environmental issues, well just call on you Vice president the governer of Alaska and ask a favour.

 Women are about to shatter the glass that has been over head for centuries, but i do not see this as one of the major cracks in the glass. Its a false hope, a false power directed at making women feel they are coming into power but in actual fact they will still be under the heavey hand of men who rule. At least thats what i think.