I use Evernote quite often to keep track of ideas, recipes, grocery lists and books/films I want to see.  Evernote works pretty seemlessly between my desktop and my mobile which means I can acccess and edit my notes at anytime.  I was interested to see the Evernote for education website and this interesting article on using Evernote as an eportfolio tool.  

In all honesty, I never really even considered Evernote to be a candidate for eportfolios.  However consdering the usability of the tool in terms of creating, organising and editing notes, fusing audio and visual media within the notes, mobile app integration and sharing individual notes as well as entire notebooks, I now see how it might be very useful as an eportfolio platform.  I imagine that many students walking around with tablets and laptops are using Evernote for in class notetaking (I know that a number of my colleagues do so) so it seems Evernote notebooks could be set up to showcase students work.  

The idea was written about in 2009 by Martin Hawksey at JISC.  Since then a number of improvements have been made to the Evernote system which I believe could make it ever more appplicable to eportfolios.    You can follow the implementation of Evernote eportfolios in an elementary school on Rob van Nood's blog.