Upcoming Safety Events @ UCT

Published on 02/24,2012

Dear Colleagues, Visitors, Students

The SHE Dept is very excited to announce that in April we have a week of safety activities planned at selected venues on Campus. As soon as the venues are confirmed, I'll be blogging, tweeting & facebooking the info to all of you. We hoped to have secured all of our venues by now, but you know what a squeeze it is to try to get a teaching or lecturing venue on Campus. So at this point we are busy bees zipping about getting the posters, flyers, speakers, exhibitors and all the other safety gurus lined up to provide you with a sweet week of safety info and fun from 23 - 26 April. Don't forget that the 27 April is a public holiday and therefore our safety "week" only has 4 days. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, give us your feedback and ideas. We would love to hear your thoughts and implement your safety suggestions.



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