Basic First Aid for after hours Incidences

Published on 02/25,2012

There seems to be a worrying trend on campus. Lately I have noted that the emergency assistance call outs for ER24 ambulances are for minor conditions like twisted ankles or stomach cramps. The first aid responders are not remaining calm and are not thinking through the range of basic first aid responses to address the call out issues. Lets consider last nights incident for example; the basic first aid for a strain or sprain would have been R.I.C.E- Rest affected limb, Immobilise, Cold compresses, Elevate the affected limb. Surely these steps with some basic pain relief would have helped the student to remain stable through the night until he/she could go to a GP in the morning. Now consider the cost of an ambulance call out (R1500- R3500) €€€€€+ a Trauma unit consult fees of R5000 or more depending on the treatments prescribed. We then have a better understanding of how panic impacts the University. we also need to consider the value to cost ratio of providing costly first aid training to personnel who are not using these skills as intended. a study of the reasons for these emergency call outs for minor cases will help to identify problems in the system €+ help us to engage with the UCT community to find better solutions. Watch this spot for further developments, safety greetings.

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