What is the Reason for going to University?

I’ll start of by repeating my question! What is the reason for going to University? I’m pretty sure we have all (at some point) asked ourselves this question. I don’t know about you guys but I am finding it hard to come up with really good reason to justify why it is important to go to University. On my research I found a site titled: 10 Reasons to go to College! This site gives you some valid reasoning’s as to why a college education is vital for you and your future.

Life is full of options and choices. The choices we make shape our future. As we stand at the cross roads after high school we must have the right vision to make the decision to go to college.” This seems like quite the motivational speech, with the words ‘future’ and ‘vision’ in it. But in reality I found it quite bland and dull. What these motivational speeches about college forget to tell you is that you are competing with about over 500 000 matric students who are also hoping for the same dream. To get to that heavenly place called ‘Varsity’. Once you get there you feel so relieved and satisfied with yourself, but unfortunately that is a sordid dream.


Does going to varsity really promise all those things it is set out to do?

So lets say you get you pass your final exams and get your degree, what next? There are so many other people who passed that same degree, chances are you won’t find a job. I know a few people who are still trying to find that job which they so worked for. So what’s the point of it, you study to get employed. Some people argue that it puts you in a better position to finding a job. Yes, that is true. It puts you and the 300 000 others who also managed to pass that certain degree in that same better position. Just getting a degree seems as if it’s not enough anymore. Most people are now aiming to attain a master’s degree as a means of making sure that they will get employed. The worst thing that can happen to someone is spending a good six to seven years, working on a degree which won’t get you anywhere in life. But for an increasing few, getting a degree is not important for getting that job we all work for. If you’re born into a well off family with a multimillion company then you have easy days ahead of you, but unfortunately for most that is not the case. One of the most important things a person needs to achieve in this is not qualifications, no; it’s working about building yourself some good contacts. Without these contacts you won’t get far in this life. Even with qualifications for one job you can get a job in a totally different field. Talk about the Seven Wonders of the World, this should be the eighth one. We look at parliament and we laugh, I don’t know about you, but how can you go from Minister of Sports to Minister of Correctional Services. If that is not a joke then I don’t know what is.


It can be argued that going to Varsity is a good thing. You build your social identity there, and for those lucky few, Gender Identity can also be personified to the next level. People often wait until they reach Varsity to express themselves and release that prisoner who has been stuck in that clammy cave for all his/her life. Expression is the name of the game, especially here in Cape Town. People reveal a side of themselves that they never knew existed. But let’s be honest now, the real reason we come to varsity is to please our parents. I’ve heard people who had their whole lives planned out for them. Their subjects from high school were carefully picked out so they could pursue their parents dream jobs. Are you one of them?