The fewer friends you have, the closer you are to the truth!

 Have you ever found yourself having to face the dilemma of having to choose who your true friends are, or maybe you have questioned the motives of those you value in your life? I came across this quote about a week ago and it got me thinking… Can one honestly say that this quote is true? Naturally one will try and argue that it isn’t but it has some merit to it. But it does in fact beckon one to the thought of… how well do I really know your friends? Most people try to ignore this question because of their fear of being alone; your identity is not shaped by the people you hold around you. It does not serve the world for you to act as if you have everything you need. There is nothing enlightened about looking big and famous, and yet so small and significant. Back to the topic at hand, I think that it depends on the type of friends that one has and the amount of influence they're able to impose on one's character and what one believes/values. However, on the other hand, one may argue that the more friends one has, the more one may be prone to be influenced. This, I reckon, largely depends on the strength of one's character, more so the integrity of one to stand for what they believe. So ultimately, the statement may be deemed relatively correct, given a few underlying assumptions.