The Fight for my Victimhood!!

This is something that has been plaguing my mind for quite some time, but strangely enough I found an article on it in the magazine. Many people might not understand my intentions at first but after some time of assessment they will find some form of merit to my argument.  Here it goes... I don’t think that Barack Obama should be president of the land of the free and home of the brave (USA for those who are bemused). Why? Simply, it is because I will lose my victimhood. At the beginning of it all; I never thought he would make it this far because of the colour of his skin but more importantly, the US is not ready for a black president. I am equally convinced that the rainbow nation is not quite ready for a president of Caucasian extraction. But the more I think of it, Obama stands a good chance of winning. Whether I like it or not the race will continue. In real terms, my life will still be the same. For as long as I have been living I have been milking every moment of the oppression of my race. Come on now, who hasn’t? Now, as soon as that dear brother becomes the Leader of the free world, it will be the end of my trump card. Say goodbye to affirmative action. As soon as he declares himself by saying those fateful words, ‘so help me God’, and the entire Caucasian world will be telling me that I now have no reason to complain. ‘Not only is Apartheid over; they will declare, ‘but a black man is the most powerful person in the world. So, shut up.’ I will lose all credibility as a victim. I will no longer be able to whinge about the negative portrays of black people. If losing my race card is not bad enough, I will now be accountable for the suicide bombers from Iraq. ‘It’s your people ‘, will be the accusation. It’s bad enough we get blamed for all the crime in the country, the potholes in the road etc. Every time you read a newspaper and they talk about ‘these people’, you know very well who they are referring to. So, Barack my dear brother, I hope you understand what I am getting at here. It is nothing against you as a person. If you run and win, we will all lose our victimhood.