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Seeing as I have one blog remaining, I’d like to consider the concept of blogging itself.


It seems people couldn’t find enough time in their day to be able to use two whole syllables instead of one. One wonders how much more time and effort it could possibly take to say “web log” as opposed to “blog”, which sounds as meaningless as the content found within the majority of them. The number of blog sites multiplies each day as more and more people decide to share their completely unique and original ideas on politics, society, war and religion that of course no one in the world has ever thought of before. Worse still are those who don’t even bother trying to relate their poorly written mind-garbage to the rest of society.


These intellectual individuals have somehow decided that the rest of humanity simply has got to be informed of the fight they recently had with their boyfriend, or the fact that they put jam on their toast this morning in stead of marmalade, or that they’re developing a freckle on their right knee that bears an astounding resemblance to Henry the Eighth. People today have become so self obsessed that they truly believe their petty issues to be worthy of world-wide publication.


As Maddox, an expert in this field, once pointed out, blogging is “an abbreviation used by journalism drop outs to give legitimacy to their shallow opinions and amateur photography that seems to be permanently stuck in first draft hell” (http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=banish).

 So very true.

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