Candidate's Wives

Emma-Louise Neville 29 August, 2008 09:52 General Permalink Trackbacks (0)
 The other day, whilst sitting in the traffic I was listening to 5fm. Amidst the usual silly banter I heard words like “Obama’s wife” and “American election campaigns. This sounded like a vaguely intelligent topic of conversation so I turned up the volume. Gareth Cliff , was commenting on a speech made by Michelle Obama- which he thought was very inspirational. I personally thought it was a tad cheesy but anyway, it led to a discussion about the roles of presidential candidates’ wives in their election campaigns. Some people feel that the wives play an important supporting role for their spouses and can have a huge impact on the image of the candidates and therefore can affect the number of votes this person receives. The wives of the candidates’ make up for what their husbands lack and so boost their potential power. Others feel that these, often attractive, wives are merely an accessory and are used in order to gain support. It is thought that the relationship between the candidate and his wife is very telling of his nature and how he would go about being president. I think that wives can be part of an election campaign but in the end it’s the candidate people are voting for, not their wife and so one should be careful not to fall into the trap of voting for someone because you like their wife. I don’t think it is fair however to say that wives are treated as accessories for the campaign in the same way we see material possessions.

What do you think?

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