It is very easy to live one’s life in ignorance to the situations and conditions that people have to live in and under. Even the issue of what to eat in a day that we usually take so granted in our own daily lives causes unthinkable depression for people who live under difficult financial circumstances. I will, in this essay show the impact that factors such as unemployment and poverty have on people’s lives and health. In our society, a man’s worth and importance in the community is directly proportional to the money that he/ she has. The absence of money causes so much stress in people who cannot buy what makes them be seen as credible members of society. This is particularly sad because most people are dependant on securing jobs for themselves in order for them to live a plausible life in a society that is so materialistic. Securing a job or employment to many people is the key to getting life’s amenities such as health care services and also their personal independence. It is very disturbing to see that we are living in a country that is bombarded by unemployment and as result poverty in such scale while a very low percentage of our society live like queens and kings. Is this what we call democracy? This has a tremendous bearing on people who find themselves jobless, for numerous reasons really. Because of unemployment, people find themselves having to loose their independence in that, they no longer are able to provide for themselves and their children which forces them to depend on husbands, family and friends. The social lives of these people are adversely affected because they cannot afford outings with friends, cannot even afford to do things that brought pleasure to their lives such as going to church or to the gym. As a result depression kicks in because of the growing social isolation which is further compounded by family tension. These people are the people who cannot afford the basic necessities of life such as shelter and food. They live in places where there are overcrowded with no proper sanitation, water and electricity which make them more susceptible to sicknesses such as TB and diseases that have to do with malnutrition on.  Researches over the years have shown that areas where there is a high rate of unemployment and poverty have high morbidity and mortality. Children of parents without employment suffer malnutrition deficiencies and are likely to die very early in life.  There is no doubt that there is a direct link between unemployment and poverty and the impact on people’s daily lives and health. No one can point a finger to the sole direct source of this problem but it is very important that the government is conscious of the contracts or treaties that it signs in good faith that directly impacts on people’s lives so drastically like the European Union Treaty for Agriculture.