Doctors and Lawyers

When I was younger, when most of us were younger, the only careers we knew of were either doctors, lawyers, teachers and actresses. These were some of the only options available to me as a child. I personally dreamt of being a lawyer, until I watched the movie, Liar, Liar. After that my ideas and opinions broadened and I discovered that there actually more options available. To my mothers surprise I decided to invest my spare time finding out how exactly I could become a beautician. I was a tomboy in other people's eyes beside my own. When I finally told my mother I wanted to become a beautician she sought out to find out what had happened to her tomboy Make-up and all that jazz was not what she thought of as a career. This was the part of me she never knew and her daughter was actually becoming a girl. I don’t get why I could either had to be one of the two. I could either be “girly” or I could be a tomboy. At least now we do not have two choose either or when it comes to our sexuality, a third option is now available.