Crowdsourcing a Copyleft Campaign

Posted by Michael Paskevicius | 15 Jul, 2010

The University of Cape Town is running a campaign to bring awareness to the potential legal implications of copying and distributing copywritten materials.  So we are seeing alot of images like this around campus. 

I respect copyright law, and in doing so I always try and source openly licensed images, software, video, audio, research, courses, and presentations.  Because resources from these types of sources have an open license such as Creative Commons I can use them legally under the simple conditions; most often giving attribution to the resource creator and sharing the material onwards.  

So while I believe it is important for students to be aware of and respect copyright law, I believe it is even more important that they be aware of the wealth of material available for reuse, mashups, integration into projects, etc.  

So we are trying to come up with some posters which complement the copyright campaign by alerting students to the potential of using openly licensed content instead of violating copyright.  I am crowdsourcing ideas here so please leave us a comment or a link to a similar campaign.  

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    Posted by Michael 15 Jul 2010, 11:51
  2. I've never liked the use of the skull and crossbones to symbolise software piracy as for me the Jolly Roger is a symbol of bravado and stealth rather than lawlessness. (As a child I always went as a pirate to fancy dress parties :-)

    Paul the Octopus seems a more fitting symbol of "make a choice".

    Eg: Why choose to steal when you can get it for free

    Posted by Ian 15 Jul 2010, 13:31
  3. Have a look at this web site. There are videos, etc There is a SA branch Posted by Celia Walter 15 Jul 2010, 15:26
  4. Thanks Celia and Ian for your comments.

    What we are looking for is a print campaign much like the clever images shown above, but advocating the use of openly licensed content over copywritten materials. There is so much good open content available to work with! I am concerned that our students are unaware of the potential for reusing materials and are simply being scared away from re-use at all.

    Posted by Michael 16 Jul 2010, 12:16