When i came to university i imagined a whole lot of pleasent things.I knew that  doors are open for me to make something good out of myself..i imagined freedom.I had imagined uct as heaven i never thought that i would want to go back home or say i wish i could go back to high school no.Things were easier at high school but not that i expect a university to be run like a school no but instead i expect those who run it to take into consideration that we as students come from different backgrounds.Some of the students come from what is referred to as"model c"schools which are private schools but some of us come from very disadvantaged schools whish did not have resources such as computers etc so my point here is how am i supposed to know about blogs,links etc i am completely clueless.I feel that here at uct if you dont have enough knowledge about computers you are bound to fail because almost eveeything is done with a computer and i feel that there is really nothing being done to assist those who are computer illiterate to cope with the heavy burden of using the computer in almost every courses offered.

 Computer lessons are only offered doring the orientation week  after the beginning ot the semester they stop being offered.Noboby can learn everything about the computer within 2 weeks more especially if you have never used it before and you are required to use it here.Just because you have all the knowledge you need about the computer keep in mind that some people really have no idea what is meant by....enter.backspace,shift etc when they get here and it takes time to know how each of these work.I honestly believe that uct is not doing enough for those who are computer illiterate