There are many definitions for identity while some people might argue that identity is determined by the society which surrounds  you others might argue that identity is not shaped by socialisation but it is rather something that you are born with.Language is one of the factors that has been known to represent your identity many authors say that without a language you have no identity.They further say that language and identity are intertwined

.I agree with the statement but not entirely.It is without a doubt  that every where people are judged by the language they speak one can tell where you are from immediately they hear you speak your language.This is an accurate reflection of an individual`s identity but other factors that also determine identity should also be considered too.ther are multiple can be different charecters at different times.The situations we find ourselves in lead us to try differEnt identities without even realizing it.Identity is how we perceive ourselves as human beings.Things that distinguish us from other people make us belong are the ones which reflects our true identities we therEfore find ourselves belonging to particular groups that share the same values,norms etc as us.Our identities is forever changing it is not stable,factors like time,innovation etc have a great impact on our time changes many things are invented which will make our lives easier we cease to use the resources that we used..  that really highlighted our identity which was different from others and we eventually find ourselves adapting to other identities.But this is not always the case i truly believe that it is possible to add other identities on top of the ones have.From my perspection there is are broad definitions of identity there is no definite explanation to what really is identity.